Health Benefits

Choosing a Home Depot associate plan and program to meet your family needs and individual needs is an option that is available to all Home Depot associates. You can take advantage of the benefits through Your Total Value and The Home Depot’s services and compensation programs through MyTHDHR.


Benefit plans are available not only to full-time salaried employees but also part-time hourly employees. You are most welcome if you are an eligible dependent. In the MyTHDHR portal, most plans cover this situation as well. 

MyTHDHR Health Benefits

  • Whether you are suffering from allergies, colds, flu, or any other minor illness, 24/7 Care offers quick, affordable, and convenient care anytime, anywhere.
  • Health care can be difficult and sometimes even impossible to navigate. We have employed a team of Health Care support specialists to make sure you are taken care of. There is no such thing as a small or large problem or diagnosis.
  • A Cancer Support Program is offered at The Home Depot for those who are diagnosed with cancer or whose family members are.
  • Compete with fellow associates by earning points for healthy behaviors and take part in the Home Depot Health Challenge each year.


  • During this biometric screening, you can learn more about your current health situation. Screening consists of physical measurements and blood tests that are focused on the following main areas – Heart Health, Pancreas Health, Kidney Health, and Overall Health.
  • With the Home Depot Associate Discount site, you can get discounts on fitness equipment, programs, gym memberships, and weight loss tools and resources.
  • In addition to its annual flu vaccination program, The Home Depot provides free vaccines for 10 additional common diseases.
  • For those who do not have access to a Home Depot Medical Plan, Grand Rounds Health services are fully covered with the exception of Expert Medical Opinions, where The Home Depot pays 85% of the cost, leaving 15% or $250 for the associate.