The MyTHDHR self-service portal gives you full access, so any changes you make can be changed from anywhere, anytime with this simple system. They are always available when you need help, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


The portal offers Home Depot employees a variety of benefits and services. If you are a current or former employee of the company, you can take advantage of these services by visiting the MyTHDHR portal.

MyTHDHR Portal Services

  • Employees can use the ESS portal to find and modify relevant data on the online portal. You can even verify address and other personal information through the employee’s monthly self-service program.
  • Make sure the Home Depot portal can interact with employees through tax benefits and other fields so they can activate or change direct deposit details.
  • Account-holders can change the withholding view and print all kinds of traditional tax returns with payment descriptions. They can be accessed through this employee self-service portal.
  • You can activate the credit card, log in or try to pay Homer’s credit balance, change the postal address, view vacation notices, and also print vacation packages.


  • This program helps users to enter and edit associated data. You can also provide the posting address and other information through the monthly self-service online portal.
  • Employees can provide them with the membership profile and select direct deposit dates whenever they need to consider service privileges and fees.
  • In order to access the self-service features, you must be in sync with the network. To do this, employees must securely enter data and change it completely.
  • Be careful when mapping over the network. Note that employees should print the logs in the secure area of ​​the printer and log out of the online portal when their work is complete.