Portal Access

The MyTHDHR portal allows employees to view and edit some of the associated data. It is essential to make sure that The Home Depot can communicate with the portal as needed about privileges, taxes, and more with the address and different self-service employee data each month. 


Logging into the MyTHDHR schedule login portal is very easy once you have access to the ESS portal. For ESS login, you can receive the user id and password from Home Depot corporate. You will then be able to enter your schedule.

Steps to Use MyTHDHR Portal

Employees should take advantage of this website. Besides being useful for your management requirements, it is also easy to use. You can use this guide if you are a new user. You can use MyTHDHR by following these steps. Make the most of your time by following these steps.


  • By typing the link, you can access it. You will be taken to the home page. On the screen, there are multiple options. You will be able to succeed in your career with these tips.
  • You can access different features in the sidebar on the left. You can choose the one that best suits your needs here. Through the website, every employee problem can be resolved. To access the portal, click on Kronos – Time, Attendance, and Schedule.
  • Once you click on the Kronos option, you’ll be taken to the login page. The section is only available to Home Depot employees who are currently employed at the company. Providing your credentials will allow you to log in. Employees must enter their User ID and Password here. For easy access, users must also enter the store location. When you have filled in the information, click on the sign-in button.

Individuals can use the employee self-service to:

  • Changing the withholding tax.
  • Direct deposit data can be activated or altered.
  • View and visualize the history of income tax revenues and payment applications.
  • Activate your payment card.
  • You can save or change your Homer Fund deduction
  • Even employees can change their postal addresses